KNA Board

Serve on the Board
Our By-Laws stipulate that the Kingswood Neighborhood Association is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of six active members who conduct routine business of the Association and direct its business affairs.

Our Board includes:  the four officers (President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary), the Past-President, and an At-Large Director.

The Board of Directors – along with our Street Captain network and our Committee system – share responsibilities, power, and decision-making to insure that the governing of the Association is equitable, participatory, and not concentrated in the hands of a few individuals.

In recent years, positions on the Board, Committees, and the Street Captain network have gone unfilled, resulting in neighborhood business either being left undone or resting on the shoulders of too few volunteers.

We need volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors, taking their turn in supporting our Association. Please consider contacting the president to express your interest in serving in this fulfilling way; it’s not all that time-consuming; and the benefits are huge.