Neighborhood Association

Kingswood Neighborhood Association (KNA)
By-Laws: The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the general welfare and beautification of the area, have an informed neighborhood, be aware of and active in civic affairs, promote the general friendship of the residents, and any other activity deemed necessary or desirable by the membership.



The Kingswood Neighborhood Association (KNA) is an all-volunteer organization. Accordingly, if you see something you believe is going undone, please consider volunteering to help make it happen.


Strong, vibrant neighborhoods don’t just happen. They’re the result of years of hard work and effort. The Kingswood Neighborhood Association (KNA) is a grassroots organization of citizens concerned about Athens’ historic Kingswood neighborhood. Since 1968, KNA has invested time and money in building and strengthening our neighborhood by providing and promoting a variety of programs and activities aimed at connecting neighbors and fostering involvement in our community.

Explore this section to find out more about how you can be get involved. And please consider doing your part, working on a committee, serving on the Board, or becoming a Street Captain. There isn’t really all that much work involved, you’ll get to meet your neighbors, and everyone’s load is lightened when more folks are involved. Here are some ways to start:

Join the Kingswood Neighborhood Association
At a minimum, be sure to support your association by joining and paying your dues. Each household is expected to pay $25 in annual dues to belong to the Kingswood Neighborhood Association.

Why join? KNA allows you to be an active part of your neighborhood and help improve the quality of life for you, your neighbors, and the City of Athens. Have a stronger voice!

Your dues help underwrite various costs associated with protecting your investment in your home and promoting your general quality of life here in Kingswood. These costs include plantings and holiday decorations at our three entrances, mowing and maintaining our common spaces, producing this directory, holding our Spring Picnic and other social events, producing periodic bulletins, maintaining our membership in the Federation of Neighborhoods, building a contingency fund, and more.

Different levels of involvement. Whether you invest your dollars or your energy, there are many ways that you can be part of the association, from simply supporting our efforts with your annual dues to volunteering your time with one of our many committees or events. Either way, we need your paid membership so KNA can be a catalyst for improvement in your neighborhood.

Please encourage others to join KNA. If you are an existing member of KNA, we look to you to help increase membership in our civic association and commitment to our neighborhood.

Get Listed in the Kingswood Directory
Kingswood is an old neighborhood. Residents are local business owners; retired and current UGA professors; and a variety of other fascinating residents … musicians, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and more.

Our directory is your primary tool for getting to know who your interesting neighbors are and how to connect with them to establish meaningful life relationships. Please submit your new resident contact information, or existing resident updates, to your Street Captain.

Important: This Directory is for the use of Kingswood Families only. Please do not allow any others outside of our community to use or copy this personal information for commercial or any other purposes.

Attend the Annual Association Meeting
The Kingswood Neighborhood Association, a Georgia corporation, holds its annual meeting in September – typically in the cafeteria of Timothy Road Elementary School – to conduct neighborhood business. Written notice of the meeting is distributed at least five days prior to the meeting. Association meetings are a great way to meet your neighbors, stay informed on key issues, and have your voice heard.