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Participate in our listserv –
If you are a homeowner (or renter) in the Kingswood Neighborhood, you are invited to be part of our popular Yahoo! Email Group, a listserv that allows us to send email messages to all other members at once, helping us disseminate timely information to our entire community quickly and easily. For example, we use the group email system to:

  • Invite neighbors to our Annual Meeting, Annual Picnic, and other official civic events
  • Let neighbors know about any burglaries, vandalism, soliciting, or suspicious activities
  • Report lost, found, or stray animals
  • Publicize play groups, meetings, garage sales, church or civic club fundraisers/events, etc.
  • Announce births or deaths, introduce new neighbors moving in, or share other information we all should know about
  • Promote available babysitters or grass cutters in your family
  • Recommend, or request recommendations for home repair and other household service providers with whom you have had a positive experience – e.g., roofers, plumbers, lawn services, etc.

RESTRICTIONS – PLEASE PROTECT OUR LISTSERV. We want to be able to count on our listserv as a reliable information source and not let it deteriorate into junk mail. Please do NOT use it to send:

  • Advertising and marketing for personal businesses and services or commercial organizations
  • Statements for or against social, religious, or political causes
  • Illegal, defamatory, offensive, obscene, profane, or discourteous messages
  • Solicitations on behalf of non-profit organizations
  • Chain emails; spam; funny or heartwarming stories; videos; unsolicited advice; possible urban legends; or other types of e-mail that many members may prefer not to receive.

Violation of this policy may cause the violator to be removed from our group email list.

For advertising and notices of items for sale or rent, please note that these messages can be posted on the “Kingswood Classifieds” section of our website or discussed on our Facebook page.

Our group email system is powered by Yahoo!, which is a free social networking service. However, the listserv is not secure, so please use care and do not email personal information to the group, particularly sensitive information such as social security numbers and financial information.

To JOIN send a blank email from the email address where you want to receive Kingswood news to this address: (You will be emailed a confirmation link.) Note: Your email address will need to be approved for addition to the list. Then, you will begin getting our group emails and be able to send email messages to others. If your subscription request has not been approved within 48 hours, contact Tommy Jordan at 706-549-2651 – or by Email:

To POST a message to the entire Kingswood Group, Send your email Message to this address:

To RESPOND to any Kingswood group message – for all to see – click “REPLY ALL,” type your reply, and click “SEND.” NOTE: to reply only to the sender, just click “REPLY.”

To UNSUBSCRIBE from the Kingswood Yahoo Group, send a blank email to:

To read previous, archived messages, go to:

“Like” us on Facebook – Kingswood Subdivision    
Social media has a firm grip on our culture. Kingswood – like so many individuals and organizations – also has a Facebook page.

As of this writing, our listserv appears to be our principal means of communication in cyberspace, with relatively little activity on our FB page. But the page is waiting there, poised for future growth.

Check out our Facebook page. Who knows: You may be the one who sparks a whole new generation of interest in reaching out among our neighbors by growing this “virtual” gathering place.