Neighborhood Safety

How to Keep Kingswood Safe, Attractive, and Enjoyable

Walk & Bike Safely
The tree-lined hills of Kingswood are an enjoyable place to walk, jog, and cycle. So, we have many neighbors out on our streets on most days. Please be courteous and protect them. Seniors and children, in particular, need your consideration.

Walkers should always walk on the left side, facing traffic. This way, if a driver fails to see you in time, you can take evasive action. Several areas in Kingswood are extremely dark at night, so if you walk after sundown, wear white, light, or reflective clothing and carry a lit flashlight.

Cyclists should keep right and ride in the direction of traffic flow.

Follow the Speed Limit
We know that our neighborhood is sometimes used as a “cut through” between Timothy Road and Jennings Mill Road – often, above our 25 mph speed limit. Many, if not most, of these “speeders” do not live in Kingswood. We are working with the city traffic engineer to control this external problem by conducting traffic studies, considering traffic calming measures, and planning for the future.

While it may be difficult to control outsiders, we certainly can control how we, ourselves, agree to drive in our own neighborhood. Let’s set a good example by driving 25 mph or less. Remember: if we are following the speed limit, ourselves, we become “mobile speed barriers” for those driving behind us, thereby becoming part of the solution, rather than the problem.

We live in a wooded neighborhood with curved roads, so it is especially important not to “outdrive your headlights” at night, by going faster than you can react to people or animals that come into your path.

Report Faulty Streetlights
If you notice a streetlight out near your house, call Walton EMC at 706-769-5622. They typically repair the light within a few days of being informed. To report power outages, call the same number during business hours or call 800-342-6582 after business hours.

Stop Mail & Papers When You are Traveling
Newspapers piling up at the end of your driveway are a clear signal that no one is home.When you go out of town, ask a neighbor to collect mail and newspapers for you until you get home. If possible, have your deliveries stopped. You can call Athens Banner Herald Circulation at (706) 208-2300.  The Post Office can be found online at

Set a Light Timer
When you go out, place several lamps around the house on timers so the lights go on and off in a normal pattern. This makes it more difficult for potential burglars to know when no one is home.

Know Your Neighbors
Get to know your neighbors and let them get to know you. This helps us all feel and be more secure, especially when we need them to look out for our property when we are away, 
either at work, shopping, or traveling. This way, if a neighbor sees someone that is not familiar at or around your home, they can report suspicious activities.

Watch Your neighborhood
Kingswood has a very low crime rate, but we are not immune. No one knows a neighborhood better than those who live there. If you see any suspicious activity, cars or pedestrians, you are encouraged to call the Athens Clarke County Police by dialing 911.

Stop Thefts:  Remove Temptation
Fortunately, Kingswood has not been the target of organized burglaries. What thefts we have experienced have been “crimes of opportunity,” which can be prevented.

Do not leave your briefcase, purse, computer, cell phone, or other valuables in your car; take them into your house. And lock your vehicle. Likewise, bicycles, lawn mowers, ladders, and other property of value should be stored out of sight from the street. Also, be sure your garage door is closed at night, but especially when you will be away for any lengthy period.

Obey Pet and Leash Laws
Neighbors are expected to keep their dog(s) on a leash when walking them. If they are in your yard, and are not fenced in, you are expected to have them under control at all times.

Most every pet can find its way to the wrong side of the gate or door, but please do your best to obey the Clarke County leash laws. Cats and dogs allowed to roam free – in addition to frightening or annoying other neighbors – are also exposed to rabies, being hit by cars, and other problems.

On the other hand, we all should try to help one another:  If your pet is lost, or if you find a stray animal, please use our email list to keep us informed.

Kingswood residents expect neighbors to take responsibility for their animal companions when walking through the neighborhood with them. You are expected to take plastic bags with you on dog walks so you can pick up and dispose of any excrement left in a neighbor’s yard, on the trail, or in our common spaces.