Kingswood Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors
President  Christy Baker Jenkins
130 Kings Place
(706) 540-8787
President-Elect Alan Cason
299 Lenox Rd
(919) 749-8038
Past President Rick Kopp
120 Lenox Rd
(303) 517-8200
Secretary Lindsay Griffeth
160 Canterbury Dr
(706) 296-8604
Treasurer Liz Johnson
365 Kings Rd
 (706) 316-0214
At-large Member Tommy Jordan
295 Lenox Rd
(706) 549-2651

Street Captains
Our Street Captain Network is the heart of Kingswood. With over 200 households in our neighborhood, it’s impossible for the president, or the board, to maintain an up-to-date awareness of the needs of all residents. However, by assigning at least one Street Captain for each street, we are able to break the task into bite-sized pieces. Our Street Captains become the eyes and ears of Kingswood. Click here for a pdf of Street Captain contacts.

There are a great many opportunities in Kingswood to volunteer your services to help with any of the committees that make our neighborhood activities and events possible.

Click here for a pdf of Committees and their contact people.