Common Spaces

Nature Trail Hikes
A few years ago, development surrounding our neighborhood altered run-off and absorption, putting in jeopardy previously safe homes along the McNutt Creek Watershed. FEMA leveled these five at-risk houses at the low end of Kingswood, on the outside of the Kings Road loop, where Lenox Road dead ends.

Where once there were homes, there now is open space that is returning to Nature as a woodland. The county planted fifty native trees on this land.

Kingswood neighbors Deb Weiler and Loren Hunt purchased seventeen acres of adjacent land behind the FEMA lots – along Jennings Mill Road – where they since have created a hiking trail, through the woods, that is accessible from Kingswood. In 2011, the Oconee Rivers Audubon Society certified the project as a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary.

Neighborhood volunteers have held work parties to clean the trail, build a bridge, put down wood chips, and more. Joggers, hikers, wildlife, and dogs all love this new path. Thanks, Loren and Deb!

Fun on Kingswood Commons
Across from the woodland is a large corner lot where another FEMA house once stood. While our neighborhood survey showed a clear preference for letting the woodland (since it is on the perimeter of our neighborhood) go back to Nature, neighbors preferred that this corner lot (since it’s in the interior of our neighborhood) be maintained; so we have it mowed.

We decided that there will be no swings, benches, or other “park” features … but Kingswood Commons is still a great place for Frisbee, picnics, guitar jams, and other outdoor fun.